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Just Listed! Seven Secrets for Staging your home

staging your home
1. It’s no longer your home One of the most important things you can do when getting ready to sell your home is to accept that it will soon belong to another owner and let go. Disassociate yourself with your home and see it as a product that you are now selling. Next, de-personalize your home by removing personal photos and family items. You want a [...]

Pick the Perfect Paint for your Place – The art of choosing color

choosing colors
Choosing colors for a space may seem complicated, but with a few key tips in mind, finding the right colors to suit your personal style can be simple and fun. In a space, color sets the mood and brings everything together, so it is important that it reflect your personality and décor. Key Color Concepts Before you get started with color, you should [...]

How to select a paint contractor

ceiling damage repair
Your home is probably your most valuable financial asset. That’s why when hiring a painting contractor, it’s important to follow these simple common sense guidelines. Choosing a Contractor Beware of painters who . . . Pressure you for an immediate decision. Ask for money up front. Can’t produce a current certificate of insurance. Only [...]

Keeping Interior Painting Costs Down

saving painting cost
If you’ve decided to hire a professional painting service to paint the interior of your home, you know it’s not going to come cheaply. Still, the cost shouldn’t be exorbitant.  Read below for tips on how to keep your painting costs down. Consider doing some of the painting yourself. Perhaps there are some rooms that you want to showcase (such as [...]

16 DIY Painting Tips and Tricks

do it yourself painting
If you’ve decided to paint your home’s exterior or interior walls yourself, read below for 16 painting tips, tricks and techniques to help your do-it-yourself painting project look as professional as possible when done. For your home’s interior: It’s all in the preparation. Clean your walls (vacuum them) and fix dings and place painter’s tape [...]
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