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From damaged wood and siding, to replacing or repairing, rotting,
weather-related deterioration, Service First craftsman have your exterior covered.
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Quality brings beauty,
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ServiceFirst Painting is committed to quality workmanship and best-in-class service, and providing our valued customers a worry-free painting experience.

exterior quality painting

exterior window caulking

Caulking windows and doors

Problem: My home is about seven years old and in addition to the original builders paint being faded, the caulk around the windows is cracked and coming loose. Can you take care of this for us?
Solution: Yes, prior to repainting your home we will caulk the entire exterior with a Sherwin-Williams Siliconized Acrylic Latex 40 year caulk. The areas we caulk include windows, soffits, joints, seems, cracks, door frames, garage door frames, and any other areas originally caulked by the builder.

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Chimney repair

Problem: My home owners association has informed me that the rotted wood and rotted siding on my chimney must be replaced and painted. Does your company do this work?

Solution: ServiceFirst Painting would be pleased to provide you with a written proposal on this project. Our crew will remove all rotted, cracked and otherwise damaged wood or siding from your chimney. Once removed we will rebuild the chimney with matching material making sure the flashing is in place and all seams are caulked and sealed to protect from moisture penetration. We recommend replacing the existing wood on your chimney with James Hardie Trim and Siding to avoid future problems with rotting.

chimney repair

rotted damaged wood

Replacing rotted or
damaged wood

Problem: The wood trim around many of my windows and next to the siding on our home has rotted or is severely weathered and cracked. Can your crews replace this wood before you paint our home?
Solution: Absolutely. Our crews will carefully remove the damaged wood and replace each piece matching the cut and the type of wood, whether pine, cedar or Hardie Plank.

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Some important details to consider when replacing wood trim pieces include:

  • Ensure the new wood is not wet or sealed, which prevents paint from bonding.
  • Wood must be cut correctly to avoid large gaps adjacent to other trim pieces.

  • Using galvanized nails to prevent rust.
  • Caulking the exposed nail heads to prevent water penetration.

  • Applying a quality Sherwin-Williams Exterior Primer to promote bonding.
  • Finally, using a premium Sherwin-Williams Acrylic Latex top-coat like SuperPaint.

Replacing Rodent Damage

Problem: We have a lot of trees around our home and squirrels have damaged the siding and wood at several locations. Is it possible to repair rodent damage and keep them out?

Solution: Squirrels and other rodents can do a great deal of damage to a home. During our free consultation our Territory Consultant will thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home and identify any areas of concern, including squirrel, rodent, wood pecker or other varmint damage. Prior to painting your house our crew will repair any squirrel damage by replacing the damaged wood or siding, and then placing aluminum flashing over the area to prevent further scratching and penetration by the rodent. The flashing will be primed and painted to match the home.

rodent damaged wood

exterior siding replacement

Siding replacement

Problem: The old composite siding on our home has buckled, warped and rotted due to water damage in several places. Should we have our siding replaced with the same product or with James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim?
Solution: This is a common problem with much of the older siding. When replacing the siding on your home we can install the James Hardie Siding Products, the LP SmartSide Trim and Siding, or real wood siding, depending on the look and performance you require. Rest assured that ServiceFirst Painting will install the product you choose according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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