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Whether home or office, ServiceFirst Painting provides
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Your inspiration. Our creation.

When dreaming of your next project, inspiration can strike at any time. And when it does ServiceFirst Painting can bring your vision to life. Combine colors, textures and style with our expertise and create a personality that’s right for your home. Our quality workmanship, attention to detail and commitment to world class service can bring your next inspiration to life.


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It all starts with one room.

With help from one of our consultants and Sherwin-Williams line of premium paint products you can find a palette and color that fits your style.

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Just like new again!

At ServiceFirst Painting our crews are experts at repairing cracks, water stains and sheetrock damage. Our goal is to make it look like it never even happened.

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Learning More About the Painting Process

  • Protect Property, Flooring and Furnishings

    Furniture will be moved to the center of the room, and flooring, furniture and fixtures will be covered with clean, new plastic sheeting and thick builder’s paper.

  • Preparation

    Crews will remove wall plates, vents and window treatments. Surfaces to be painted may need cleaning to remove dirt and other contaminants.

  • Repairs

    Our painters will repair nail holes, cracks, water damage, and other sheetrock damage and apply a matching texture once the repairs are complete.

  • Priming for Sealing, Bonding and Recovering

    ServiceFirst Painting will apply the appropriate primer depending upon the demands of the project. This may include sealing in water stains, a bonding primer to ensure adhesion of the top coat, a primer to hide an existing color, or simply to ensure a smooth final finish.

  • Caulking

    For a clean finished look, professional painters will caulk around door casings and frames, window casings and sills, baseboards and crown moldings. This will help to hide previous painting mistakes and help create a straight edge.

  • Finish Application

    Our experienced crews will apply the top coat by brush, roll or spray depending on the demands of the painting project. Unless we are painting over the same or similar color, it is our policy to apply two coats of paint to ensure proper coverage and provide a beautifully finished surface.

  • Thorough Clean-Up

    As we complete the project our crew will begin to move possessions and furniture back into place. Finally, window coverings, wall plates, and fixtures are reinstalled and we perform a final clean.

  • Inspection and Follow-Up

    When the project is finished, a supervisor will inspect and review the project with you to ensure your complete satisfaction

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