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ServiceFirst Painting can fix and repair most any problem in your home
including damage to wood, drywall, ceiling, trim and more.
And we will fix it right the first time.
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Life just happens.

Kids-will-be-kids, water heaters leak, pets scratch doors and contractors step through ceilings. ServiceFirst Painting has the expertise to make it all go away. The residential and commercial services performed by ServiceFirst Painting can not only repair the damage, but make it look like it never happened.

ceiling repair

water damage repair

Water damage repair.

Problem: My air conditioning has leaked in the attic. The sheetrock has collapsed, there are water stains on the ceiling and the insulation is ruined.

Solution: Our experienced crews will completely replace the sheetrock, apply new tape, bed and texture, install new insulation, seal all water stains with Sherwin-Williams ProBlock Stain Blocking Primer, and repaint the entire area.

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Ceiling damage repair

Problem: A technician was in my attic and he stepped right through our 16’ vaulted ceiling in the living room. Can your company repair high vaulted ceilings?

Solution: Absolutely. Our technicians will safely access the area with ladders and if necessary, scaffolding, to cut out the damaged sheetrock, repair the tape and bed, apply a matching texture and repaint the entire ceiling for a perfect repair.

ceiling damage repair

drywall repair

Wall damage repair

Problem: My boys were wrestling in the house and knocked a hole in the bedroom wall. Can your crew repair the hole and match the paint?
Solution: We will repair the damage, apply a matching texture and paint the entire wall with a matching paint. Matching the paint can be accomplished by using your existing paint, purchasing another gallon of the original product, or having Sherwin-Williams perform a “custom match” with a paint sample from the damaged wall.

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Texture repair

Problem: The previous owners applied a very heavy hand trowel texture on the kitchen walls and we would like it removed. Can this be done?

Solution: No problem. We first make the existing texture smooth by scraping the rough edges & “floating” or “skimming” the remaining texture. Once smooth, our craftsmen can apply any texture you like including; orange peel, knock down, crows foot, splatter, splatter drag, or a custom hand trowel. Our supervisor will provide samples to help you choose the look that’s right for you.

texture repair

smoke damage repair

Smoke damage repair

Problem: My parents are heavy smokers and all the ceilings and walls throughout the home are yellow from the smoke damage. Can this smoke damage be covered up?
Solution: We can seal cigarette smoke stains by first priming the walls and ceilings with Sherwin-Williams White Pigmented Shellac or Sherwin-Williams ProBlock Oil Based Primer. Once the stains have been sealed, two coats of paint will be required to ensure the stains do not reappear.

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Pet damage repair

Problem: I have invested in a rental property that needs to be renovated. The previous owners had pets that urinated on the walls in several rooms. The house smells awful, can you help?

Solution: Our crews are experience in helping investors renovate investment properties and this problem is not uncommon. ServiceFirst Painting will completely cut out the urine damaged sheetrock and replace it with new sheetrock. Once the repair is complete we will apply a matching texture, apply an oil based stain blocking primer, and paint with Sherwin-Williams Promar 200 Zero VOC paint.

pet damage repair

weather damage repair

Weather damage repair

Problem: Our home lost some shingles during the last storm and we sustained water damage in several rooms. Can your company repair this storm damage?
Solution: Our crews repaired the damage to some of the homes in Forney caused by the tornado of 2012 that devastated that community. These repairs were significant and included demolition of ceilings and reinstallation of sheetrock, insulation, trim work, tape and bed, texture and repainting. We also repaired substantial damage on the exterior of these homes.

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