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Preparing to Paint Exterior

Before We Paint the Exterior

At ServiceFirst Painting we are concerned about the safety and protection of your family, pets and personal property. We have developed a Project Management Checklist to help you prepare for your upcoming project.

Exterior Project Management Checklist

Color choices

Select color choices for your exterior the day before the project begins. Also, have any custom color matches confirmed before we arrive.

Trim foliage

All foliage should be cut away from the home in order to prevent damage to the new paint and allow our crews access around the home..

Pet pickup

Pet waste in the yard should be picked up the day before the project begins. Arrangements should be made for pets for their safety and protection. ServiceFirst Painting cannot be responsible for pets that leave the premises.

Personal items

Remove personal belongings from the front porch or patios and place them in a safe place until painting is complete.

Clean windows

Make sure all windows are closed to prevent water from entering the home when we pressure wash the home.

Sprinklers off please

Remember to turn off sprinklers and pool cleaners to prevent the fresh paint from getting wet.

Lawn service

Finally, be sure to reschedule your lawn service until after the painting is complete.


Commitment to Quality Workmanship

Service First Painting is committed to quality workmanship and excellence in service, guaranteeing our valued customers a worry-free painting experience. Our team members appreciate your help.



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