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Who dreamed your kitchen could look this good for so little?
We Did.
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Well, it was hip at the time.

Let ServiceFirst Painting update your home by removing wallpaper and applying a custom texture and finish for a look you’ll love.

wallpaper removal

custom wall texture

Custom-styled texture
for your home

ServiceFirst Painting makes it easy to turn the kitchen you have into the kitchen you love. Start with wallpaper removal and a stylish hand-trowel texture followed by two coats of Sherwin-Williams top quality, environment friendly paint and a custom hand rubbed glaze. Before you know it, your dream kitchen is a reality.

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How many textures can we do?
How many can you imagine?

Uncover the beauty of your home by having the craftsmen at ServiceFirst Painting remove your outdated wallpaper and create a distinctive hand trowel texture that’s just right for you.

drywall repair

wall colors

Nothing Looks Right if the Colors are all Wrong

Our consultants can help you discover the perfect color and finish you’ll love. Color brings character into your home, so your paint colors should convey the character and feel that suits you.

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The Art of a Custom Finish

At ServiceFirst Painting, our beautiful finish starts with your imagination. Glazing, faux finishes and hand trowel textures are just some of the possibilities that will enhance the beauty of your home once the wallpaper is gone.

kitchen cabinet staining



Learning More About the Painting Process

  • Protect Property, Flooring and Furnishings

    Furniture will be moved to the center of the room and completely covered. Flooring, walls, furniture and fixtures will be covered with clean, new plastic sheeting. We will remove window treatments and wall plates, and cover fixtures and counter tops. Yes, our crews will move and work behind appliances to ensure a complete and thorough job.

  • Wallpaper Removal

    Wallpaper will always be removed if possible, and if not, permanently sealed with “Zinsser Gardz”. New home builders often glue the wallpaper directly to the sheetrock causing damage when the old wall covering is removed. If this is the case, loose paper will be removed, particularly around the edges and seams, and the remaining wallpaper, backing and sheetrock completely sealed to prevent bubbling.

  • Repair and Float the Sheetrock

    Over the years walls can become damaged. To ensure a smooth finish we will repair tape and bed, float seams, wallpaper joints and imperfections. Water damage will be repaired and sealed if needed.

  • Standard or Custom Texture Application

    One of our professional crews will apply a new texture to match the existing rooms, or our experts can apply a custom hand trowel texture to your specifications. A technician will apply samples for your approval before the final texture is applied.

  • Caulking

    Our painters will around caulk door and window casings, baseboards and crown moldings for a clean professional look.

  • Expert Application

    Our neat and careful painters will apply a fresh coat of Sherwin-Williams Promar 200 Zero VOC paint by brush, roll and spray depending on the demands of the painting project.

  • Inspection and Follow-Up

    When the project is finished a supervisor will inspect and review the project with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.


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