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Labor Warranty

Customer Service is our First priority at ServiceFirst Painting. And we truly mean it. We would be glad to address any concerns or questions that you have with your residential or commercial property.

ServiceFirst Home Warranty


Three-Year Labor Warranty

Our work is backed by a three-year labor warranty that covers our workmanship against peeling, cracking, flaking or blistering with limited exceptions. Doors painted or stained are covered by a one-year warranty.

Workmanship Coverage

This warranty will only cover our workmanship. The manufacturer, not ServiceFirst Painting, warranties or guarantees their paints or other coatings applied. Items not covered by this warranty include; any horizontal surface, pet damage, rust, mildew, rodent damage, chemical damage, damage outside of our control (weather, foundation movement, extreme heat, etc.), rotted wood, galvanized metal or caulk.

Warranty Redemption

To redeem this warranty simply contact a ServiceFirst Painting representative within three years of the project completion date to schedule a consultation. ServiceFirst Painting will inspect the issue, and at our sole discretion determine the appropriate steps necessary to remedy the situation. ServiceFirst Painting will repair only the defective coating and not areas or substrates not warranted or consequential damage. This warranty is fully transferable.

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