Painting Vinyl Siding

Let’s say you’ve purchased a home with vinyl siding but you just don’t like the color. Are you stuck with it? After all, one of the often touted benefits of vinyl siding is its ease of care and the fact that it doesn’t need to be painted.

But what if you want to paint it? Can you? Yes! If your home’s vinyl siding doesn’t look like this – but you want it to – paint it!

exterior repair painting

Vinyl does offer some challenges when it comes to painting (it tends to expand in heat and contract in cold, for instance), but you definitely can paint it. What’s more, if your siding is older and faded, a new coat of paint can restore your home to that “brand new” look.

Paint company Benjamin Moore® says that paint used on vinyl siding today can actually protect the siding from further fading or damage. Read below for some tips on how to get the best results when you paint your home’s exterior siding. You’re going to have to use paint that’s made especially for painting vinyl, paints that usually have a blend of acrylic resins and urethane.

Sherwin Williams® and Benjamin Moore® both offer these types of paints. As much as you’d love to paint your ugly dark green siding a nice off-white or tan, it’s probably best to go with a green shade. Why? As mentioned above, siding does expand in heat and the paint can peel and even crack, exposing the darker green color underneath the new paint. (However, Sherwin Williams® claims that its paint won’t buckle, “even when using a dark color.”)

You’re going to have to clean the vinyl (use vinyl siding cleaner). Make sure you get rid of all dirt, bug residue, mildew, and bush/tree sap. Take a pressure hose or washer and rinse the siding. Make sure it’s completely dry before you begin painting. Apply the first coat of paint starting at the top and working your way down. Use even, lengthwise strokes. Wait until the paint is completely dry and then apply a second coat. This helps make sure you have even coverage.

You’re going to have to be like Goldilocks and aim to paint on a “just right” day, one that’s not rainy or too hot. The best type of weather in which to paint vinyl siding is one that is cool, with cloud cover. Spot clean your home’s siding every year. This helps the paint last longer. Paint the siding again in seven or 10 years.

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