Keeping Interior Painting Costs Down

If you’ve decided to hire a professional painting service to paint the interior of your home, you know it’s not going to come cheaply.

saving painting costStill, the cost shouldn’t be exorbitant.  Read below for tips on how to keep your painting costs down.

  • Consider doing some of the painting yourself. Perhaps there are some rooms that you want to showcase (such as the living room, guest bath, dining room, and kitchen) and others that you feel don’t have to be perfect because guests don’t go in them (such as bedrooms, bathrooms used mostly just by family members). Paint the less-visited rooms yourself and ask the professionals to paint those you want to show off.
  • Repair cracks, dings and holes in your walls yourself. Doing so is one of the first things a professional painter will do, so if you do this yourself, you’ll see some savings because the painter’s prep work will be reduced.
  • Purchase the paint yourself. Many Plano painters are happy to purchase the type of paint you want, but some may charge you a markup or fee for this convenience (not all will; you should ask). Buy the paint yourself and you’ll know exactly how much the painter is charging you for the paint: nothing.
  • As much as you may want to buy the cheapest paint you can find, don’t. High quality paint lasts longer, doesn’t fade and often lets you wipe away smudges. Cheaper paint often fades big time when cleaned.
  • Since interior paint can cost between $12 to even $50 a gallon, you’ll want to know as closely as possible how much paint you’re going to need, so you should measure the size of the rooms you’ll be painting (in square footage). In general, a gallon of paint should cover 350 square feet. If you’re moving from a dark color to a light color, or from one bright color to another, you’ll probably have to have the walls painted at least twice; purchase paint accordingly.
  • You’ll also want to have already picked out the paint color you’ll definitely use so that you won’t have to buy additional paint and ask the painter to repaint a room he’s already finished.
  • Make sure the walls are clean prior to the painter starting work, otherwise the painter will do this and, as mentioned above, this is part of his prep work and could raise the price of his bid. (You can vacuum your walls with the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.)

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