Touching Up Paint?

It might be tougher than you think.

Homeowners often ask us to come into their home for “a simple touch up” on a painted room—most don’t understand the complexity of this “simple” request. Save yourself the disappointment and know the variables that stand in the way of an easy touch up paint job:

fireplace painting

  • In many cases, you think you have the right paint in the garage, but you don’t.
  • Paint “matches” rarely match. Variables from paint grades and sheens to base stocks and computer matches make the perfect match nearly impossible.
  • Temperature makes a difference. The hot paint in your garage does not apply well to the cool walls in your air-conditioned house.
  • Paint gets old and old paint doesn’t do the job. Even the highest-quality touch up paint has a lifespan.
  • You can’t stir your paint well enough. Take the touch-up paint to a paint store where they have the tools to sufficiently shake it up before use.
  • Unfortunately, last year’s oil enamel doesn’t look the same this year. In fact, it doesn’t look the same in the kitchen as it does in the living room, even though the job was done at the same time. Over time oil enamel turns yellow, and it does so at different rates throughout the home. This is a tough one. Our best suggestion—repaint it all a soft neutral white.
  • Always run a small test. Wet paint never looks the same as dry paint. You won’t know the difference between Creamy and Créme until it’s all dried and you have splotches of Créme all over your Creamy wall. Apply a little tiny bit in an unnoticeable location, let it dry and if looks right go from there.
  • If you’re using a brush you’re making a mistake. Give the paint can a final manual shake, remove the lid and put the can of paint aside. Your lid is your painter’s palette and your finger the brush. Apply only a little paint to each spot to make the repair as inconspicuous as possible.

These challenges put homeowners in a difficult spot, but a professional painter knows these obstacles and can help.

  • When we’re working on another painting project in your home allow us to check that you have the correct paint for your touch up paint job and that it’s in usable condition.
  • A good painter wants a satisfied homeowner and will be honest when an area needs to be repainted from wall to wall to achieve satisfying results. Embrace this solution. You’ll be glad you did.
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