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When properly prepared and applied lime wash and mineral paints can be used inside the home on numerous types of surfaces for a beautiful and natural finish. Mineral and lime based paints and finishes act as a passive air filter inside the home absorbing CO2 and cleaning the air. A truly environmentally conscious and carbon neutral paint for your home! Not only are these natural finishes better for your home and health but they are more beautiful than an acrylic paint providing subtle movement in lime washes and beautiful light refraction of color unattainable with an acrylic or oil product.

Portola Lime Wash

Lime Paint can go over a number of interior finishes including properly prepared drywall, plasters, and woodwork. Lime Paint provides a soft stone like finish and can be applied with many different techniques providing variation in color, striation and movement. A minimum of two coats is recommended but more can be applied for unique and beautiful finishes.

Mineral Paints or Silicate Paints are another great option for interior spaces. Mineral paints are offered in multiple sheens and any color. They offer a uniform full coverage finish and requires primer and two coats in most cases. Mineral paints are also porous and act as a passive air filter like lime wash, are environmentally friendly and remove CO2 from the environment. Mineral paint is a great option for families with allergy or respiratory issues.

Roman Clay in Mares Island

Roman Clay and other specialty plasters are a beautiful way to update a home. Great for accent walls or a special room these finishes require special care and training to apply. ServiceFirst Painting is experienced in the application of many types of plasters and finishing techniques. Call us for a consultation.

We use a number of quality suppliers for our lime and mineral paints and can offer specialty products a client request. Our vendors include RomaBio, Domingue Finishes, BioLime, Portola, Keim and more. Let us know if you have any special product specifications and we can work to meet your requests.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about updating your home. We love to help!

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