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Lime wash is a beautiful old world finish for brick, stone and other masonry surfaces. It offers a solution for beautifying masonry without the damage caused by acrylic-latex paints applied over masonry. Depending on application Lime Wash is a one or two coat solution (or more if desired). ServiceFirst Painting offers three distinct styles of lime wash that can be applied and combined for custom artistic effects. Consult with the Professionals at ServiceFirst Painting for the best look for your home.

McKinney Antique Lime Wash

We use ROMABIO’s Classico Lime wash to create a completely custom and artistic old world finish for your home. The lime wash is hand brushed onto the brick and masonry surfaces and distressed or “antiqued” by various techniques. The lime wash will age, patina and wear with time and weather creating a truly unique finish over the years.

A traditional application of lime wash. We apply two coats of lime wash in a solid coating on your brick, stone or other masonry surface. The lime wash acts as a sacrificial coating, protecting the masonry beneath and creating beautiful wear and patina over time. For a more durable finish we start with a coat of BioGrip Primer and then top coat with two coats of Classico. An opaque lime wash has a lot more depth and character than simply painting your brick and is a beautiful finish for brick and stone.

An ideal solution for lightening or toning down stone or brick. Semi-Transparent Lime Wash acts as a glaze over raw brick, stone and masonry or as a final coat over an Antique Lime Wash. It has many artistic applications and is a sturdier longer lasting finish than the Classico Lime Wash.

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Lime wash dates back to Rome and has been used for centuries to beautify and protect stone, brick, wood and even furniture.

Lime wash or “white wash” is the original house paint. A biological product that is created by crushing the limestone to a powder, burning it and adding water to make a lime putty. Once it has been aged and thinned it can be colored with natural pigments creating a depth and weathered patina reminiscent of a Mediterranean old world finish.

In a sense lime wash is the original paint, nearly 2000 years old, but lime wash is nothing like today’s modern acrylic paints. Lime wash has a matte finish and a depth and beauty that modern paints lack. Instead of adhering to the surface, lime wash embeds within the pores of masonry and calcifies to the substrate. Originally used to protect clay and masonry surfaces, today lime wash is just as often used as a way to beautify buildings.

Unlike acrylic or petroleum based paints which contain phthalates, biocides, petrochemicals and volatile organic compounds, natural lime wash is free of solvents and non-toxic.

Lime wash can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces. It can be applied to stone, brick, concrete, plaster, limestone, wood and even drywall when properly prepared.

Yes, the lime wash that ServiceFirst Painting uses is designed to be tinted using natural oxide earth tints and zero VOC colorants providing a toxic-free environment. We can also offer custom colors from Sherwin-Williams, ROMABIO and Benjamin Moore, however perfect color accuracy can not be guaranteed as these are matched in the store.

Because lime wash is high in alkalinity and contains a high mineral content, it is inherently resistant to mold, fungal growth and microorganisms giving it a hypoallergenic quality.

Lime wash is completely VOC free, contains no solvents, is odorless and emits no toxins unlike today’s acrylic and petroleum based paints.

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